Cafe: How to Use


The Connectional Café website offers a training menu of more than 150 workshops led by nearly 100 North Georgia clergy and laity. The workshops, intended to help develop more Vital Congregations, are broadly categorized into four areas of ministry:
• Discipleship: Workshops on faith formation and spiritual growth
• Leadership: Workshops on leadership development, church organization and structure
• Missions: Workshops on hands-on mission in your community and the world
• Worship: Workshops on all aspects of congregational worship - including stewardship and evangelism.

For Whom

Districts or groups of churches are invited to schedule Connectional Cafe workshops. Individual churches may also schedule workshops, but speakers may request that a church open the event to the entire district or area.


The purpose of the Café is to bring training to United Methodists closer to home. This model shifts more training opportunities to local churches and districts and taps into the abundance of talent in our conference. Districts, groups of churches or individual churches can schedule the workshops they need at the time and place that makes the most sense for their people.


To schedule a workshop or a day of training, simply visit choose your workshops and then email via the Wish List feature. There is no charge for any of the workshops (payment for mileage may be negotiated). Scheduling is dependent on the availability of the speaker(s).

How do I find what I’m looking for?
There are multiple entry points into the Café menu. Below are three ways to get started. We encourage you to explore the site. You can always return to the front page by clicking "Café" or typing into your web browser.
• Type keywords into the Café Search Bar
• Click "Workshops" or "Speakers" to access a list of the full offerings either by workshop title or by speaker name
• You can also search via drop down menus by "area", "focus" or "district" either by workshop or by speaker